Inauguration of the Symbols of Unity

The 10 December, the 75th Birth anniversary of Dr. Harbhajan Singh, was dedicated to the unveiling of the on the top of the central building of Kirpal Sagar.

25 years had past by since the first cut of the spade had started the work for the Sarovar at the time of Dr. Harbhajan Singh.




Among the audience of the second conference day there were many from East and West who had lent a hand for setting up Kirpal Sagar since the very begin of the Project. They were deeply moved to be present that day. Step by step they had been witnessing all plans taking shape under Dr. Harbhajan Singh and his wife, Mrs. Biji Surinder Kaur.The inauguration of the Symbols was the crowning achievement of years of work on behalf of Sant Kirpal Singh.

At the end of the morning session of the Conference, H.H. Surinder Kaur requested all to proceed from the conference tent outside to the Sarovar. A long procession lined up, ahead the religious leaders with H.H. Surinder Kaur. People waiting at the wayside cheerfully joined them.

While on the top of the building helpers started to remove the white cloths hiding the Symbols, four commemorative tablets near the door were unveiled and, as a sign of peace, fourty pigeons were set free. From the roof rose-petals showered down and a small aeroplane was dropping tiny pink flyers welcoming all at Kirpal Sagar.

The representatives walked around the building, and when they reached back to the bridge, all the cloths had been taken away. Uncovered, the Symbols were shining in spite of the cloudy sky. It was an auspicious moment.

On the small stage in front of the bridge, H.H. Biji Surinder Kaur held an address, followed by the chairman Mr. Karamjit Singh. Many were moved to listen the words of the Shabad that was sung afterwards, which had been written by Sant Kirpal Singh.

Accompanied by the blowing of traditional horns and the singing and shouting of  benedictions, all walked round the Sarovar, many forming a queue, marching hand in hand. At each corner building dedicated to the religions – Gurdawara, Church, Mosque, and Temple – all stopped for a prayer revering the one God, the Father of all.







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