World Conference on Unity of Man, 1 - 10 December 2007

This world conference was an extraordinary event, worth of a retrospection. It took place on the occasion of the 25th jubilee of the Project Kirpal Sagar and the birth anniversary of the founder chairman Dr Harbhajan Singh. His words were the guiding idea of the conference:

"On the level of man, of soul or consciousness we are already one. In spite of tyranny and murder prevailing there is one hope for the world. This hope lies in the spiritual link from man to man and nation to nation.

The problems of the world are not of political but of spiritual nature, so the solution can only be found on the spiritual level, on the level of consciousness. The change will begin from man's heart, this is the way to bring unity into the world."

Delegates from more than 20 nations and 5 continents, representatives of different religions and organisations as well as personalities of the public life accepted the invitation and experienced unforgettable days in a spirit of tolerance and brotherhood.

The particular highlight of the World Conference was the unveiling of the Symbols of Unity.

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